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I absoutely love my host family. We have lunch and dinner togethere almost every day and my spanish has improved immensly. I live with a single mom and her and I are very close. We talk about everything which especially helps broaden my spanish vocabulary! My homestay experience has been incredible so far. The home cooked meals are phenomenal as well. My cousin came to visit me 2 weekends ago and she fell in love with Alicante. She currently lives in Munich, which is very cold, so coming to Alicante for the weekend was the best vaccacion shes had in years! She had heard very little of the city before coming and fell in love with it just like me when she got here! I went to the archeology museum, castillo, beach and different tapas while she was here! So far Alicante has been wonderful and can't wait to write more about it :)

Ilana Leuchtag