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MIdterms week!

Last week we all had a series of midterms through-out the whole week and let me tell you it got a little hectic. I had my spanish midterm on tuesday at 9 am, tuesday I had my spanish for business at 1 pm,  and had my history of art on thursday at 4 pm. I really didn't worry too much about my spanish and business midterm only because I had to worry so much about my art one... I really don't feel like I learn a whole lot in that class since the teacher's way of teaching is pretty much lecturing the 2 hours of class without any breaks, I really feel overwhelmed in this class. I studied really hard for this midterm since he gave us a lot of info right before the test... my classmates and I have had some issues with him in this class so we are trying our best to study really hard to pass this class. I really wouldn't recommend this class unless you really need it. not only is the class really long and boring, the class has no interaction at all.


Friends in alicante


The friends I have made within CIEE are awesome! and I wouldn't replace them for anything  you really bond and connect, and like Charlie said earlier we are great friends ( you really learn a lot from everyone here.) I really have enjoyed meeting so many people here in spain but not only spaniards, I have also met people from the different states and have gotten really close to them. I have probably made some of the best of  friends within CIEE.  Something I find kind of funny is that when we all travel and we go our separate ways we honestly miss each other and can not wait to come back "home" and see everyone again. 

You will honestly make lifetime friendships here. I couldn't have chosen a better place to study abroad. 


Classes in Alicante

After a month you really adapt to the city, classes, people, somewhat of the culture and such... and you really select the path you want to follow. My classes are not super hard but it does take a while to adapt to the spanish. Being in the Liberal Arts program we have 3 classes with CIEE and one direct enrollment with the University.  My direct enrollment is Introduction to Public Relations which can be sort of challenging since we take notes in spanish and my hand isn't used to writing as fast (some of my notes are written in spanglish) I think having a direct enrollment is helpful, because that way you really have the ability to make spanish friends, and really practice your spanish. 

CIEE gives you different classes for you to choose from, for example: Spanish for business, Spanish Art, and Conversational Spanish are the classes I am taking. 

I honestly recommend taking conversational spanish because you really learn the spanish slang, and how students, young people really speak. My professor really knows what she is teaching, and knows every possible word/expression out there for everything.  My spanish art class isn't what I expected, therefore I am not really content with that class but I do find some stuff kind of interesting ( if you decide to take this class, be prepared to sit for 2 hours straight just looking at pictures and listening to the professor.) 

The CIEE staff is really nice overall Eva, Felipe, Manolo, Beatriz, Paco... WOW! They really know what they are doing. They help us so much with everything... If we have any sort of questions or just need something...  they are on it like no-one's business. 




Life in Alicante, Spain (Dorms.)

I have always wanted something different from life, and coming to Alicante was definitely what I needed.  I chose to live in the dorms because I felt confident it would really be a piece of cake since I speak spanish fluently, however, making friends here was really up to me. Spaniards don't usually come up to you and ask how you're doing... you really have to step up your game and make an effort to do this. I try to be the most social as I can be. Once I arrived at the dorms with the other students in my program I realized that only sitting with them and speaking english wasn't going to get me anywhere since I am studying here for the year I really had to make some friends... That is exactly what I did. I would sit with spaniards and to be honest it wasn't that hard at all, once you tell them you are from the States they want to talk to you. Either to ask about the culture which involves how fast food is so BIG in America and/or they just want to practice their english. 

You are assigned a "roommate" but you don't really share rooms, it's more like you share a little sink, microwave, and a mini fridge. I bonded with my roomie really fast, to the point where hangout and talk everyday, and you really learn a lot from each other... I know spanish from my parents but my spanish is completely different from Spain spanish so he helps me with stuff I don't know and I help him with his english.. it really is a win-win situation. 

 I am usually not a complainer at all but there are two things about the dorms that are not good at all!!! 

1: The food - It's not very good, they honestly repeat the same thing everyday and it is just not working out for them. 

2: You are kind of far from the actual city where the other students live with their host fams, so it gets annoying when they all go to the beach or out on a tuesday night because the buses stop running at 10:30pm and taxis are expensive if you don't split it between 2 or 3. 

Regardless, I do feel I have an advantage here in the dorms...

The people who live with host families have a harder time making more friends because they can only meet people in el barrio and it is a little harder to just walk up to complete stranger and say "Hola, que tal?" while in the dorms you can just go sit with someone who is eating alone in the cafeteria and the conversion will start instantly. 

overall, the dorms are a good idea, you make a lot of friends your age and you actually learn/practice  the spanish young people our age actually speak. 

Here's a pic. It is actually pretty comfortable... no complaints there.