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MIdterms week!

Last week we all had a series of midterms through-out the whole week and let me tell you it got a little hectic. I had my spanish midterm on tuesday at 9 am, tuesday I had my spanish for business at 1 pm,  and had my history of art on thursday at 4 pm. I really didn't worry too much about my spanish and business midterm only because I had to worry so much about my art one... I really don't feel like I learn a whole lot in that class since the teacher's way of teaching is pretty much lecturing the 2 hours of class without any breaks, I really feel overwhelmed in this class. I studied really hard for this midterm since he gave us a lot of info right before the test... my classmates and I have had some issues with him in this class so we are trying our best to study really hard to pass this class. I really wouldn't recommend this class unless you really need it. not only is the class really long and boring, the class has no interaction at all.


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Midterm week is always difficult since everyone is stressed out studying for the different exams. Study abroad has that double component: an immersion experience and a serious academic effort.
Regarding the Art class, I'm extremely surprised since it has been greatly evaluated by former Liberal Arts program participants. As a matter of fact I would say it's one of the highlights of the program. Professor Alpañez is a highly motivated University of Alicante faculty with great recognition in the field. During the last two years, Prof. Alpañez has been at the very top of CIEE standards so give him a chance. If you do, you will descover how great the class can be!

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