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Activities with Host Family

Being in the Liberal Arts program allows you to develop and improve your spanish skills very fast. I realized how much I learned today when I was with my Host family. I can completely hold a normal conversation about anything it feels like now and I have to say it felt pretty good. By improving on my spanish skills so much I feel like I was able to open up a lot of doors with my family. For example, with my spanish family we enjoy going out to get churros with chocolate, go to a local restaurant with friends to play cards, going to the spanish movie theater, helping my father with working in his country house garden, and much more.

(here is a pic of my pop delivering his olives)


Today I was fortunate enough to go to the Olive oil factory with my father. It was really cool and fun to see how they produce olive oil in Spain and how natural it is! Also, it was a great experience to have with my spanish father because he is very passionate about growing and producing his own food. We drove about an hour out of Alicante, delivered the Olives, and left with a bunch of money (he decided to sell his olive oil this time). When we got home we put all the christmas decorations up as well to surprise my spanish brother when he gets home. Overall, a very successful day!



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