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Vineyard Visit

The CIEE program offers many great activities while studying abroad here. There are water sport classes, cooking classes, dancing classes, trips to Granada, and trips to water parks (just to name a few). Also, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that come up around the city! I was able to see and even touch the World Cup trophy because it was traveling around Spain after the victory in South Africa (it took three and a half hours of waiting in line but it was worth it).


For me, one of the most memorable activities I participated in was visiting a bodega (vineyard). We traveled by bus for about an hour and arrived in a very rural part of Spain, and to say the least it was beautiful! There were rolling hills, and of course, acres upon acres of grapes. When we entered we were provided a tour with one of the vineyard employees. The tour was extremely fun and interesting due to our tour guide. She was beyond friendly, very bright, and entertaining. In fact, she allowed everyone in our group to try different kinds of wine, and also allowed us to take one bottle of wine home for free for our home stay families! More importantly, she showed us the amount of work and time that goes into producing wine, and to say the least it was incredible to see. It was even more astounding to learn that there were only 5-6 employees at this relatively large vineyard! Overall, I will never forget visiting this vineyard. I think by visiting a vineyard I was really able to observe an important part of the culture of Spain, so in other words, if you study abroad in Alicante, visit the vineyard!! IMG_0280


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