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Classes in Alicante

After a month you really adapt to the city, classes, people, somewhat of the culture and such... and you really select the path you want to follow. My classes are not super hard but it does take a while to adapt to the spanish. Being in the Liberal Arts program we have 3 classes with CIEE and one direct enrollment with the University.  My direct enrollment is Introduction to Public Relations which can be sort of challenging since we take notes in spanish and my hand isn't used to writing as fast (some of my notes are written in spanglish) I think having a direct enrollment is helpful, because that way you really have the ability to make spanish friends, and really practice your spanish. 

CIEE gives you different classes for you to choose from, for example: Spanish for business, Spanish Art, and Conversational Spanish are the classes I am taking. 

I honestly recommend taking conversational spanish because you really learn the spanish slang, and how students, young people really speak. My professor really knows what she is teaching, and knows every possible word/expression out there for everything.  My spanish art class isn't what I expected, therefore I am not really content with that class but I do find some stuff kind of interesting ( if you decide to take this class, be prepared to sit for 2 hours straight just looking at pictures and listening to the professor.) 

The CIEE staff is really nice overall Eva, Felipe, Manolo, Beatriz, Paco... WOW! They really know what they are doing. They help us so much with everything... If we have any sort of questions or just need something...  they are on it like no-one's business. 




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